OAMGMAMR and the IMI System

The Internal Market Information system (IMI) is an IT-based information network that links up national, regional and local authorities across borders. It enables them to communicate quickly and easily with their counterparts abroad.

IMI is a multilingual electronic instrument, that simplifies and accelerates the administrative cooperation procedure allowing the authorities to communicate quickly and easily with their counterparts from other member states at the same time reducing the cost caused by delays.

IMI is conceived as a flexible system that can be used for any type of legislation that regulates the internal market.

The  Order of Nurses, Midwives and Medical Assistants in Romania is registered as a competent authority for the professions of nurse and midwife within the IMI System, since 2008 (on the recognition of the professional qualifications) and assures the exchange of information related to the professional ethics (good character certificate ) and the professional authorization (license).

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