Meeting with MEPs Cristian Busoi & Claudiu Tănăsescu

Between the 4th and 5th of November Mr. Mircea Timofte, President of the Order of Nurses and Midwives Romania (OAMGMAMR) had the opportunity to meet in Brussels with Romanian MEPs, members of the Environment, Public Health and food Safety Committee of the European Parliament namely Mr. Cristian Busoi and Mr. Claudiu- Ciprian Tănăsescu.

During these meetings, President Timofte acted also as FEPI Vice-president. Following our discussions of our last General Assembly meeting the 20th of October, Vice-president Timofte helped increase the visibility of FEPI in Europe and strenghthen the presence of the organisation with its contact with the European Parliament.

Mr Timofte kindly invited Prof. Koutroubas to attend the meeting with Mr Tănăsescu in order to establish discussions in regards with the vision of FEPI in the European context of the legislature 2014-2019.

Vice-president Timofte and Prof. Koutroubas managed to create an open dialogue with those MEPs in order to spread awareness of the vital role of the Nursing professions in Europe. Improving nursing standards was another hot topic of the meetings in question.

“I am convinced that thoses meetings are an opportunity to present the role and the objectives of the two organizations I have the honor to represent today, an opportunity to discuss issues of importance to nurses, isues currently on European agenda” said Vice-President Timofte.

Mr. Mircea Timofte and Prof. Koutroubas highlighted the important role that Parliament plays in monitoring commitments undertaken by Romania and other FEPI members countries in the negotiation of Directive 2013/55/EU.

Following the discussion, both parties agreed on a a serie of future steps for an active participation and consultation of both organisations in regard with specialized working groups of the European Commission.